What are the types of essay topics which student must know?


According to me an essay is that content which we all have been written when we are in school. Have you ever thought about how our teacher selects the topic of essay for us? Before starting the types of essay topics, firstly we have to clear the meaning of article. In simple language putting our thought on the paper is known as an essay but few of us have not written the essay in a proper series of paragraphs. The idea of our mind printed on the paper with the set of paragraph and follow the format of an write my essay is the actual meaning of the article.

The types of essay topics are as followed:


The type of essay focuses on the ideas and reaction of the writer. Every essay is started with the question line which is answered by the writer with a different opinion, and each view has its reason. These opinions were written with the series of paragraphs, and at last, it ends with a conclusion. This is a simple type of essay which we all have been written in our past. Its topics can be politics, humanity and any single event.

Cause and effect

Causes and effects are the very most straightforward type of essay because it provides the causes and impact on the reader. In this write essay for me, the writers have to show their organizational skills which make the article enjoyable. All the body of the essay includes the support of the first statement, and the writers have to explain the report with different aspects of causes and effects. Its topics are human rights, civil, environment, etc.


The persuasive essay is also known as the argumentative essay. In this essay the writer has to select the side of the topic means whether he/she is against the text or in favor of the topic. They have to put their best aspect with meaning reason. The issues of this type of essay can be drugs addiction, health, gun control, etc.


Narrative essays are those essays which are like storytelling. In this essay, the writer can share their best incident of life, or they can share a motivational story. There should be a long discussion can be done according to the writer point of view. Best topics are a person’s life, motivational story, or travels.

These are the types of essay topics which the entire students have to know. Most of the writers like to write about the latest technology.